Why Sell on fabGEO?

  • India’s largest Fashion Store
  • Fast and Stress free Shipping
  • No fixed costs
  • Secure and Timely Payments
  • Professional services to help you through every step of selling online

How can fabGEO help grow your business?

Set up your store

Set up your store on Showcase and sell your products online across India and globally by using our easy to use listing tools or through our professional services.

Sit back and relax

We take care of shipping and delivery for you so that you can focus on your business.

Hassle-free Payments

We ensure you get timely payments.

Sell Globally

Take your products global and sell online it across the globe through fabGEO. 

How it Works?

Selling on fabGEO is simple.

You can start selling in minutes. All you need to do is provide your business details, bank account details and your tax information.

Step 1: Set up your Store

Register and list your products on through easy-to-use listing tools.

Our well trained and professional team can help you create a high quality catalogue.

Make your products stand out by advertising those using fabGEO Sponsored Products. 

Step 2: Receive Orders 

Millions of customers can view your products as soon as your store goes live.

As soon as you receive an order you can view and manage it using an easy to use order management dashboard.

Step 3: fabGEO delivers your Orders

Your account comes enabled with fabGEO Fulfilment Services. We pick products from you and deliver it straight to the Customer at no delivery charge to you. Enjoy fast and stress-free shipping with a best-in-class experience for your Customers.

Step 4: Receive Payment from fabGEO

Agreed Price of your Product is deposited directly into your bank account within 15 days.

Step 5: Grow your Business

Get customized tips and suggestions to boost your performance and increase your sales.

Keep track of your account performance through your personalized performance dashboard and customized reports.

Dedicated Seller Service Team to help to resolve your queries and help you grow your business.

Step 6: Expand Globally

Give global exposure and take your products international and sell them worldwide through fabGEO.

Take advantage of fabGEO's international logistics network for fulfilling your international orders.


What are the fees?

Unlike other marketplaces, we are not charging any listing fees from you. For detailed information, contact us at

Delivering Orders

We Pick and Ship your Products

Your Sell on fabGEO account already comes powered with fabGEO Fulfilment Services, an end to end delivery service for sellers. All you need to do is keep your product packed and ready and let us manage the logistics and customer service.

  • Pick up from your doorstep
  • No Return Policy except Manufacturing Defect
  • No Cash On Delivery (COD)

All you have to do is register as an fabGEO Seller and start selling.


Start Advertising with fabGEO Sponsored Products

When you start selling on fabGEO, boosting visibility of products is easy. Advertise the products you sell on fabGEO through fabGEO Sponsored Products. You promote your products through keyword targeted ads and pay only when your ad is clicked.

Why Sponsored Products?

Thousands of sellers on are using sponsored products to make their products stand out from the crowd.

  • Your chance to get on page 1 of fabGEO Search results. 
  • Deliver highly relevant and targeted ads and increase your sales.
  • You get free impressions and you only pay when your ad is clicked.
  • Get reports and measure your results real time inside GEO Seller.
  • Advertise to customers across PC and mobile.


Get help from experts

Need help with listing your products? Want to learn how to operate GEO Seller?

Our qualified, well trained team will help you with everything you need to be successful on the fabGEO marketplace. From shooting great images for your products to listing your Catalogue, our team will help you with every step of selling online.

Our well trained, professional and trained experts can help you with

  • Imaging and Cataloguing for your products
  • Advertising your products
  • Managing your fabGEO account
  • End-to-End Launch Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Sell on fabGEO or GEO Seller?

Sell on fabGEO is a program that enables you to list and sell your product on

How does selling on work?

Selling on is easy. First you list the products that you want to sell on marketplace. Customer sees your product and makes a purchase. You will receive a notification to ship the product. You pack the product for customer and let fabGEO fulfil the order for you. fabGEO will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting our share.

What products can I sell on

You can sell items in the following categories:

Women, Men & Kids Fashion and Electronics Products. Please note that certain categories are restricted and require prior approval before you can start selling.

What do I need to register as a seller on

Please click here to register to sell on fabGEO. You will need the following information to register

  • Your company details
  • Your contact details - email and phone number
  • Basic information about your business
  • VAT/CST Details are mandatory and need to be provided after registration

I don’t have a website, can I still sell on

You don't need a website to start selling on marketplace. Once you complete registration, you will have access to our GEO Seller platform using which you can list your products for sale on

Can I sell outside India through marketplace?

Yes. marketplace ships worldwide.

If I list my products using Sell on fabGEO, will the customer know that he or she is purchasing from me on marketplace?

We will clearly indicate your brand name on our product detail pages and offer separate e-shop for your brand and products. Also, invoice will carry your name.

What are the charges for selling on fabGEO?

We don’t charge anything and listing of your Brands and Products on is absolutely free. 

How and when do I get paid?

fabGEO will disburse payments to your bank account. You will be eligible to get paid for the order 15 days after the order is confirmed as shipped.

How do I list my products on

You can use our Web-based interface to list products one at a time, or excel-based inventory files to list your products in bulk. The procedure and information required will vary depending on whether your products are already in the catalogue. Once you complete your registration for selling on fabGEO, you will be guided on the steps needed to list your products. Please note that currently it is mandatory to have ISBN/ bar codes to list on fabGEO. Some product categories might require additional information to list your products.

How do I manage my orders on

You can view your orders and manage them through “Manage Order” inside GEO Seller. Your orders will be fulfilled and shipped by fabGEO. You can simply pack your orders and schedule pickup for our team through your GEO Seller account.

Do you offer protection against fraud?

Yes. fabGEO helps you protect against fraudulent orders placed on your products and payment fraud.

Are in-transit products insured?

Yes, all in-transit products are insured by fabGEO.

Can customers leave feedback and why is customer feedback important?

Yes. Customers can leave feedback. Maintaining a high feedback rating is a critical factor for success on It’s the best way for customers to identify you as a trustworthy seller. Your rating appears on the Offer Listing Page and is one of the first things that customers see. In other marketplaces, we have observed that customers are more likely to purchase products from sellers with higher ratings. Your feedback rating is a key metric used by to measure your performance.

Can I talk to someone about selling on fabGEO?

If you are not currently selling on and want to learn more, you call us on +91-124-400 4800 or write to us at and provide your details. We will respond to you after reviewing your information with next steps. You can also contact seller support once you complete your registration through your GEO Seller account.

Do I need GSTIN number to sell on fabGEO?

Yes. GSTIN is required to sell online in accordance to Indian laws. You need to provide GSTIN number to fabGEO at the time of registration. However, if you are selling only GSTIN exempted categories, then this may not be required. Note that if you start selling any taxable goods you need to register for GSTIN as per GST law and provide GSTIN to fabGEO.

Can I get help for capturing images and creating digital catalogs as per fabGEO guidelines?

We have 3rd party providers who are trained on fabGEO’s imaging and cataloguing guidelines and can assist you in creating high impact listings. They also have preferential rates and offers for fabGEO sellers. You can contact them anytime through your GEO Seller account once you complete registration.

Where can I get fabGEO branded packaging material?

You can buy fabGEO branded packaging material from here. You can also search for fabGEO branded packaging material on and select the appropriate packaging material according to your packaging requirements.